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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Cross-functional enterprise system driven by an integrated suite of software modules that supports the basic internal business processes of a company.
Solventure Oracle SAS IBM (Sterling) SAP Llamasoft OMP (OM Partners) Infor Slimstock Toolsgroup Inform Kinaxis Elemica(Eyefreight) John Galt TXT e-solutions RelexSolutions QADDynasys Dassault Systèmes(Quintiq) Futur-master IcronTechnologies Anaplan Exceedra PearlChain Syncron DemandSolutions E2open Transporeon MetaPack Timocom QADPrecision Logistyx(Transparix,Pantechnik) MPO (MP Objects) Jaggaer (Bravo Solutions) Basware Ticontract Esize Coupa Aimms Ortec MIC Riskmethods Achilles Procurence BluJaySolutions PTV Microsoft Dynamix(Navision, Axapta) Unit4 Iptor (IBS) Sage Epicor Rockwell Acteos Fujitsu Glovia Consafe Logistics Inconso Davanti Warehousing ManhattanAssociates Wonderware Siemens Digital Logistics Proleit Savoye(A-sis) One NetworkEnterprises Hardis Generix Descartes Progress Software AG TH Data Logility InforNexus Tesisquare AEB NeoGrid Blue Yonder (JDA) SSI Schäfer Synertrade Tradeshift(IBX) Pagero Yellowstar AGR Dynamics River Logic IFS PSI Logistics Transmetrics Arkieva Jung-heinrich Soloplan Camelot IT Lab Orchestr8 Optimity Pincvision OpenText(Liaison Tech.) Azap Cloudia Esker Logistics Reply Lobster Shippeo Demand Driven Technologies Outperform Alpega(Transwide, inet) *Blue Ridge *DHL Resilience360 *Easy4Pro *FourKites *Project44(Gate House Log.) *Sixfold *Fulfillment Group *SymphonyRetailAI *SupplyStack *Vortal *B2Wise *Aera Technology *O9 Solutions